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There are so many men who are not happy with the size of their penis but at the same time, they actually see that they have potency problems in their lives. If you are wondering whether or not there is certain kind of a connection between your problems with erection and your unhappiness with your penis size then you ought to know that there is a connection and a very tight one.

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Your libido and recent mental trauma actually are very much connected. If you fail to see why it is happening then it is time for you to find out about the way your nervous system and mental state influences your whole body and your private life in general.

  • If you had problems some time ago with your partner or your previous relationships failed excessively then it is not a surprise that right now you can not trust a new person.
  • When you do not feel totally open with this person than you may see that your erection is poor or you may even fail to ejaculate in general.
  • As long as you know that you want to get rid of erectile dysfunction that was caused by certain kinds of in satisfaction that you have with your partner then you ought to learn how to talk openly about the problem.

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When you see that your erection actually is not happening and your libido is low after a recent death of a friend or relative then it should not come as a surprise to you. This kind of mental traumas that were earlier in your life actually can have an impact on your total body and your health in general. Talk to a shrink about this kind of an issue and let him know what you are feeling right now.

When you realize that doctor actually gives you normal advice then you will be able to follow this kind of advice and feel healthier afterwards. As long as you are aware of the effect that you are able to cure your impotence and to improve your libido once and for all then you will see that you have certain progress and you are able to feel better afterwards. A lot of men and women actually may think that this kind of problems is actually very personal that is why they decide that it is actually not essential for the to share this issues. As long as you are totally open with a person then you will be able to get over your fears and your intimate problems will disappear for sure.